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Milpoche Organics all in one cream 160ml

Milpoche Organics all in one cream 160ml

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The power of plants and beauty ingredients will leave your skin moisturized and supple.

Processed in:

160 ml

Preserve method:
Store in refrigerator and consume within 4 days from item reception.

How to use

Apply after washing face twice a day (morning and evening), one or two pushes per use.
Spread the cream as if wrapping your face with your entire hands. Apply multiple times in places that are particularly dry, such as around the eyes and mouth. Rub gently into the skin around your neck and above your chest.

Highlighted ingredients

- Shell Ginger Leaf Water
Maintains skin moisture, prevents rough skin,
and leads to firm and resilient skin

- Camellia seed Extract
Maintains the skin resilient

- Miyako Bidens pilosa Extract
Conditions the skin

- Miyako Passion fruit Extract
Tightens the skin

- Miyako Aloe Extract
Prevents rough skin

All ingredients

ghetto leaf water, water, glycerin, BG, betaine, squalane, pentylene glycol, maltitol, avocado oil, crowfoot kernel oil, behenyl alcohol, octyldodecyl isostearate, pentaerythrityl hydrogenated rosin, trehalose, koshironosendangusa extract, camellia japonica seed extract, aloe vera leaf extract, cedar wax peel extract, mandarin orange fruit extract, bitter orange fruit extract, orange peel extract, 2K glycyrrhizic acid, sphingolipids, ectoin, white fungus polysaccharide, gellan gum, cellulose gum, carrageenan, pectin, succinoglycans, pectin, succinoglycan, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose stearoxy ether, sodium anisate, Ca chloride, citric acid, sodium citrate, phytic acid, tocopherol


●Do not use on wounds, rashes, or other problem areas.
●Check if skin abnormalities occur during use.
●Stop using the product if it does not suit your skin, or in the following cases. Continued use of the cosmetics product may aggravate the condition, and consulting a dermatologist or other medical professional is recommended.
1.If redness, swelling, itching, irritation, loss of color (white spots, etc.), darkening, or other abnormalities occur.
2.If your skin is exposed to direct sunlight after use and you observe any of the abovementioned problems.
●If the product gets into your eyes, rinse immediately with clean water.
●Keep out of reach of infants and young children.
●Do not store the product in extremely high or low temperatures, high humidity, or under direct sunlight.
●There may be variations in color and fragrance due to the use of natural ingredients, but there is no problem with the quality.

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Milpoche Organics

Milpoche Organics is a purely domestic organic cosmetic brand born from the blessings of plants grown on Miyako-Jima, Okinawa, Japan.
For mothers, babies, pregnant women, and everyone around them to live healthy and happy lives, we promise to continue to create skincare products that are kind to both people and the environment.